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Whipperley Academy Trust

Learning, Growing, Together

Our Vision and Values

The key purpose of Whipperley Academy Trust is to deliver the best possible education by ensuring that our schools are places where diversity is embraced and where children and staff thrive in a secure, happy and creative learning environment   

     “Learning and Growing Together”

Great education is at the heart of creating a successful and inclusive society and we do this through:

  • Belief: Unfailing belief in the potential of all our staff and children
  • Dedication:  Dedication to hard work and excellence
  • Relationships: Relationships are at the heart of everything we do
  • Curriculum: An outstanding Curriculum which is progressive and dynamic, allowing learning to be practical, meaningful, engaging and fun, enabling the best outcomes for all our children.  
  • Environment: Provide the best possible teaching environments for our staff and children.
  • Well Being: Meeting the needs of the whole child so children are healthy, confident, resilient and joyful



How do we know?


  • Progress is maximised for all – all results demonstrate that children are making outstanding progress, books show highest standards 
  • Total commitment from all staff – willing to go the extra mile
  • Children are happy and engaged
  • Schools are light, bright and clean, learning areas are full of interest, resourcing is of the highest quality and excellent displays of learning.
  • Exceptional leaders are appointed and developed at every level.
  • Succession planning is evident due to the smooth transitions between personnel.
  • Working outside the trust is evident with strong partnerships with other institutions.
  • Intensive and effective CPD provision within and across Trust schools
  • Evidence that the trust continues to strive for excellence – no room for complacency.